The preferred glow plug for your engine

Glow PlugEYQUEM stands out on the glow plug market by supplying pre-and post-heating plugs that meet the latest technological developments in direct injection engines. EYQUEM offers a wide range of innovative and high-performance glow plugs in accordance with the required specifications of car manufacturers.

Specific models have been developed for the common-rail engines (Hdi, Dci, Cdi, Tdi, Tdci) being installed in today’s vehicles, i.e. tomorrow’s vehicle park. Using a state-of-the-art technology even for first generation Diesel and Turbo Diesel vehicles, EYQUEM glow plugs provide a greater reliability and smoother running.

With a large number of double filament pre and post heating models, the EYQUEM range ensures a maximum coverage of the international diesel market.

EYQUEM glow plugs have an innovative 3-phase system that allows them to work:

  • before starting,
  • during the start phase
  • after starting and once the engine is started and running (in boost operation) which ensures the engine reaches its ideal operating temperature faster.

bougie GPE 78EYQUEM offers you a guarantee of reliability and performance:

  • Quick starting (3-5 seconds) even at temperatures of -20° thanks to the diameter of the glow tube reduced to a minimum.
  • Increased performance and protection of the engine. Elimination of cold start knocking. The post-heating periods are extended (up to 6 minutes) depending on the vehicle’s original equipment and engine idle stability.
  • Optimized fuel consumption due to better and more regular combustion of fuel
  • Reduction in pollutant emissions by up to 40%. Post-heating ensures both better fuel combustion and a quieter engine during the heating phase.
  • The EYQUEM glow plugs are manufactured in Europe, from the raw material to the final assembly, and are submitted to constant quality controls throughout the manufacturing process.