The OE quality at the service of the engines

Ignition Lead

  • OE Quality
  • Made in France
  • ISO TS 16949
  • A range mainly composed of class-F-quality and 100 % silicon cables DIN-ISO 3808
  • A class of temperatures equivalent to OE
  • 3 technologies: reactance cable, CopperCable, CarbonCable
  • Smaller stock requirement: a compact range catering for 90 % vehicles
  • Interference suppression (essential for on-board electronics), EEC 72/245 – EEC R40-01
  • Absolutely watertight and disconnection resistant.

Reactance cable

Resistance effect:

The spiral wire provides resistance of 5600 ohms/m.

Inductive effect:

Electromagnetic interference is channelled by the ferrite core and then absorbed.
In the field of television and radio wave frequency ranges, Eyquem stands out from the competition. Interference suppression is one of the main strengths of Eyquem ignition leads harnesses