Eyquem: The Company

100 years in partnership with car manufacturers has seen Eyquem reach a peak in technological innovation.

In 2003, Eyquem became part of the BERU Group (BorgWarner BERU Systems GmbH), a leading German automotive supplier focused on cutting edge technology.

In July 2012, Eyquem was acquired by Federal-Mogul, an American company headquartered in Southfield, Michigan, USA.  Established in 1899, Federal-Mogul is diversified global supplier of products and services to the world’s manufacturers and servicers of vehicles and equipment in the automotive, light, medium and heavy-duty commercial, marine, rail, aerospace, power generation and industrial markets. The company’s products and services enable improved fuel economy, reduced emissions and enhanced vehicle safety.


The Eyquem company was founded in 1886 and named after its founder Maurice Eyquem, a French lawyer.

Maurice Eyquem was fascinated by cars and in 1899, at the request of his friend Louis Renault, he created his first ignition system.

On December 8, 1913, Arthur Duray achieved the fastest land speed of 211.661 km/h at Ostende on his FIAT S 76 provided with Eyquem spark plugs.


HistoryIn 1937 the production of spark plugs was revolutionized with the introduction of alumina insulation, a technique still in use today.

The new technique made the company a leader in spark plug technology. Eyquem has been contributing to the development of a wide range of engines since the very beginning of the automobile era.