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4-electrodes spark plug which provides 4 times more benefits.

4 times more innovation

More research

The F3+1 plug is unique. With 4 double copper electrodes and slippery spark technology, it addresses several technical challenges in a single design.
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More reliability

Combining the reliability of a main ground electrode with three smaller ones, the F3+1 easily overcomes potential fouling for a high quality combustion.

More security

The combination of the “main electrode” and “side electrodes” architecture helps cut emissions.

More flexibility

The main electrode can be adjusted to perfectly suit a wide range of both old and new applications.

4 characteristics that make the difference

F3p1Longer life

The cooled electrodes wear more slowly, so plug performance remains at its peak for longer.

More protection

The plug’s cooled electrodes delay the incoming of possible combustion problems, which can damage high-performance and heavy-duty engines.

More efficient in cold conditions

With its slippery spark technology, the F3+1 plug ensures better starting even in the lowest temperatures.

More efficient in hot conditions

The F3+1 plug optimizes combustion to cut fuel consumption and harmful exhaust emissions.

Peugeot et Citroën have chosen F3 + 1 technology as original equipment to meet cold start constraints on their new generation engines.